Monday, January 17, 2011

The Conference Championships

Next weekend, Green Bay, Chicago, New York and Pittsburgh send teams to the conference championships. There may very well be a new number one all-time team when the dust settles - or after the Super Bowl two weeks later. This is because both Green Bay and Pittsburgh each have 13 tropies, along with Dallas - although Green Bay earned them with the fewest tries so can be considered the best. If both Green Bay and Pittsburgh win, they will each have 14, with one of them gauranteed to win a fifteenth trophy for their franchise. New York is not even close to the top, while with 10 total trophies to date, Chicago could pull within one game of the championship group if it takes bothe the conference and league titles this year - passing San Francisco and Washington.

It has been a strange season and this could lead up to a matchup of two of the ultimate giants in football history - the best of each conference.

I'm thinking Green Bay will ultimately win, but you never know. Check this space for updates next Sunday nite.


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