Sunday, January 14, 2018


We have gone from the playoffs to championship season. Next week, the Hallas and Hunt Trophies will be awarded to the conference champions. The conferences are the heirs to the old leagues, so a conference championship is equivalent to a win in the old league title games. Two weeks later is the Big Game, which also has a trophy. My Ultimate Football Team rankings include all three types of trophies. Currently, Green Bay has the most such championship game trophies with 15, not counting championships where the NFL had no game because it was equivalent to a single division.

New England is #2 with 14 wins and 9 losses, with Pittsburgh at #3 with 14 wins and 10 losses. Pittsburgh will be tied with New England if Jacksonsville hands New England a loss, making both teams 14-10. Jacksonville is currently last, with no wins and two conference losses. Losing keeps them in last place. Winning next week and losing the Big Game does too. Winning the Big Games would make them tied with Tampa Bay at 2-2. If New England wins next week and loses the Big Game they will be 15 and 9, still number two (Green Bay has only 8 losses). If they win the Big Game, they become Ultimate Champion with 16 wins. New England will also win the Alternate Ranking, which counts number of championship appearances, with 25 if they go to the Big Game (win or lose). They are currently tied for 4th with Green Bay. The current participation leaders are Pittsburgh, Dallas and the NY Giants.  Jacksonville is also last in this category, because the Texans are not counted, being championship virgins.

Philly is in 15th with 5 trophies and 7 losses. A win next week ranks them 14th with 6 trophies. A Big Game loss leaves them there and a win ranks them 13th and 13th for partipation as well. They are currently in 15th for participation with Miami and Buffalo. Just showing up gives them 13 appearances, which ties the with Minnesota if Minnesota loses to the New Orleans (who have 2 wins and one loss and are second to last in appearances to Jacksonville), although another Big Game win would move New Orleans from 23 to 16 if they can pull out a playoff win. A Conference Loss would move Cincinnati and Tamp Bay up to 23. A Big Game loss will move them to 22nd and a win makes them 16th.At 4 appearances they would join a tie 28th and a Big Game appearance to 27th. If Minnesota carries the current game and wins next week, they will move from 20th to 16th (still behind Philly). A Big Game loss leaves them there and a Big Game win moves the to 13th. If they win today, they move to 13th for participation (with Cleveland, who is actually a vigin, Baltimore deserves those wins) and a Big Game appearance moves the to 10th for participation, tied with Indianapolis (who if Cleveland can keep their wins should have left some of theirs in Baltimore).

I don’t need to do contingencies next week, so I will post again after the Big Game with a composite table.

Green Bay
New England
New Orleans

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

College Playoffs!

I am entirely unsatisfied with the omission of OSU from the playoffs in favor of Alabama, as well as hijacking the Rose Bowl, which OSU and USC should be playing in. In 2009, I created playoff brackets. Since then, more conferences have split by division, so the brackets should all be adjusted. Everyone plays in, with the possiblity of only a few wild cards. Here is the new set. Forget the rest of the Bowl games unless the players get paid to particiate.

Pac 12 North v. Mountain West Mountain
Pac 12 South v. Mountain West West

Winners play in the Fiesta Bowl and face Outback Bowl winner from

Big 10 East v. MAC East
Big 10 West v. MAC West

 In the Rose Bowl to play the Sugar Bowl winner in the National Championship

Big 12 v. SEC West
Sun Belt v. SEC East

Winners play in the Cotton Bowl and face Orange Bowl winners from

ACC Atlantic v. AA East
ACC Coastal v. AA West

Send Conferece USA to the FCS and make the Independents either choose a conference or sit out the postseason. Because this entirely a playin, abolish the ranking system and the polls. Only wins should matter, except to the NFL scouts.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Beyond Halloween: Witches, devils, trials and executions
MGB:_I  suspect  that  necromancy  is  a  dressed  up  version  of  clairavoyane  or  clear  seeing,  the  psychic  ability  to  sense,  sometimes  see  and  communicate  with  the  departed.  Most  with  this  gift  do  not  exploit  it,  beig  content  with  speaking  with  their  own  relatives,  who  answer  back.  In  my  family's  experience,  it  is  the  women  who  have  this  gift  and  it  only  runs  in  some  families,  leading  other  families  to  demand  information  from  their  dead,  which  may  or  may  not  be  possible,  hence  the  persecution  and  accusations.  As  you  can  imagine,  holiday  dinners  with  gifted  individuals  can  be  interesting  as  the  dead  are  remembered  and  then  recognized  in  the  after  dinner  discussion.  Weddings  and  funerals  tend  to  involve  sensing  the  dead  as  well,  regardless  of  any  blessings  on  Church  property  designed  to  keep  spirits  away.

Then  there  are  the  Roma  people  who  use  reputed  occult  powers,  usually  Tarot,  palmistry  and  curses  to  gain  favor  from  the  Gadje  (Gentiles).  It  is  likely  that  their  reputed  powers  led  to  persecution. Many  use  the  cards  to  get  impressions,  others  recognize  rules  for  what  each  card  means.  Palmisty  is  another  system  that  can  go  either  way.  Some  really  have  psychic  gifts  and  some  are  frauds  and  there  is  no  way  to  know,  although  those  that  do  not  require  gifts  are  usually  truly  psychic,  although  palmistry  has  never  shown  much  success. 

Curses have become a scam.  They were not always so.  Usually people who were cursed have caused  harm  to  another  and  whatever  trait  they  have  that  led  to  doing  harm  will  one  day  rebound  on  them.  The only way to remove the curse is to reform,  rather  than  the  current  scam  of  requiring  money  to  remove  it,  which  won’t  reallY  stop  self-inflicted  future  wounds  unless  the  payment  stings  enough  and  comes  with  the  right  advice.  I  once  pronounced  a  curse  on  someone  who  fired  me,  not  to  get  even  but  because  the  dude  was  a  jerk.  He was the head of contracts in DOE  who  bent  to  the  Secreatry’s  will  on  Solyndra.  His problem was that he killed the bearers  of  bad  news.  I can’t imagine that no one tried  to  warn  him,  or  would  have  had  he  not  been  such  a  jerk,  He  is,  needless  to  say,  no  longer  head  of  that  office  and  he  is  likely  retired  in  grade.  Of course, in the  Middle  Ages,  telling  that  kind  of  truth  will  get  you  killed. Of course, you don’t have to be female to understand curses, but in our tribe it was the women who often were.

BTW, my mother was Gadje, so our family has gifts from both sides.

Friday, September 08, 2017

What the Cuck?

This whole question of the white nationalist term ”cuck” is it that they can’t spell cock or fear that it would unmask their Beaureguard asses for the flamers they are? Maybe. I suspect it is short for cuckhold, with the implication that the target of the insult’s wife or lover is seeing an African American (not how they would say it) lover behind his back because he simply does not have the fine southern manhood to satisify her.

One last thing, cuck could mean being cuckolded by big scholonged Jewish men who can also outspend most Kluckers. Maybe that is what they were chanting about in Virginia about not being replaced by the Jews. We Romany are also as well endowed and we do like white women.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Jesus!

April 16 or 17 is the day that Ptolmeic Astrologers calculate to be the birthdate of Jesus of Nazareth as it would have attracted the Astrologers from the East also known as the Magi, who followed what was called the Star of Bethlem but was really the astrological configuration proper for the birth of the King of the Jews. Serveral explations of the calculation are available. A good one is .
So why did it not stay there? I suspect that the early Church put no faith in astrology. Additionally, Jesus birthday was commemorated on the Winter Solstice, which before adjusting for the progression of the Equinoxes, was December 25th.  This date was Saturnalia (a great party with amble debauchery and drunkenness) and the attempt was made to make it more pious, with Jesus being recognized as the light of the world just as Chanukah is placed in the same time period.

There is another more important reason, which the coincidence of Easter and the true birthday reveal. In early Christianity there were those who were willing to equate resurrection with reincarnation. Having the date of the Easter and Jesus’s birthday closely coincide would reinforce that link and cut short the Easter season. Moving the Nativity feast to June would decrowd the calender, but it still sends a reincaration message the Church fears. Too bad for them. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Monday, February 06, 2017


That was about the best Big Game ever. No comeback like that has ever been seen before. Wow! We have never had OT before in the Big Game. The New England victory is its fifth, along with nine AFC and AFL championships. That is the second most Big Game, Conference and League trophies - one behind Green Bay with 15. Pittsburgh has 14 as well, but with one more loss. Dallas goes down to third with New England’s conference win. Atlanta was number 30, but moved to a three way tie for 27th with 2 wins and 4 losses.  A number of the all-time greats are at the top of their games, so expect movement at the top frequently over the next few years.

In terms of total appearances, New England is now fourth, with 23, in a tie with Green Bay. Pittsbugh, Dallas and New York have all played in 24 championship games since 1935 and with two title games a year, anyone can break out with 25 or 26 next year.

Here are the current ranking. The Alt-Rank is for total appearances._Click_to_enlarge.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Seattle wins with a bullet!

The Big Game has been played and it is that time of year again when I update my All-Time-Greatest list.  Fans of the Sagittarius Project will recognize this annual posting from years back, which I also added to my notes page last year.  I will cross post to the blogspot list so that non-friends can read it as well, although I suspect more hits here (even without a hit counter).

Annual readers know that to determine greatness, I add trophies - Super Bowl, NFC, NFL, AFC and AFL.  I do not count non-title game wins, such as division championships and pre-NFL league championships, including those won by the Packers and others before there was a Title Game.  If I were to count the old victories, I would also have to count equivalent wins - which would be division championships.  That would be quite a job because my spreadsheet contains annual rankings, allowing me to track a team's position over time.  Even excluding early non-title game wins, Green Bay was an early leader, who then ebbed and regrouped in the 1960s, ebbing again until  recently.  Their  last Super Bowl has them firmly in place in the top spot with 15 wins and nothing that happened this year changed that. Likewise, Pittsburgh (14), Dallas (13) and the Giants (12) remain unmoved at the top.  San Francisco, even though they lost the NFC Championship, is firmly in 5th place all time with 11 trophies.  For quite a few years, they were tied with Washington, who remains in 6th with 10.  Washington was tied with New England, put New England's loss gives them one more loss than Washington has, so New England goes to 7th.  By winning the AFC title game, Denver moved to eighth and by losing the Big Game, they form a tie with Chicago both teams having records of 9 wins and 7 losses.  Indianapolis is 10th - and last year  they were tied with Denver until Denver moved forward this year.  Win with Manning - slide without Manning.  Even in defeat, he is the most significant player of our time.

So what about Seattle?  They were 28th last year.  They are now 21st, going from 1 and 2 to 3 and 2.  While they still have a long way to go to threaten Green Bay's All-Time record, a seven position rise must be considered impressive.  Here is the table to illustrate the point:

Over the last few years, I added a table that assumed it was more important to be in a championship game than to win won when defining All-Time-Greatness.  While I don't believe that, fans of the New York Giants might, given their long string of appearances in Championship games over time.  Dallas is also a major player in that ranking system.   (both have 24 appearances in championship games.  Pittsburgh has 23 while Green Bay and as of this year, San Francisco, have 21 and share 4th place.  Oakland has been 6th while Washington and New England were tied for 7th - a tie broken this year with New England's championship appearance - sliding Washington to 8th.  I now count St. Louis tied with Washington.  I had not before because I was breaking ties with the number of wins.  This year I removed the tie breaker.  Denver follows Washington and St. Louis at 10th.  Seattle is still moving fast in such a ranking - although it serves Denver this year more than Seattle because they started higher, moving from 29th (almost the basement) to 24th.  This ranking is added below: