Monday, January 23, 2012

NCAA Rankings

In doing my post on "The Big Game" I realize that I never posted my annual NCAA column.  A simple scan down the blog shows that I do it every year.  I did it this year, but left it on my laptop without posting it, copying it to the cloud or to my thumb drive.  Problem is, my laptop got a virus and I forgot I had never backed the file up, so I told my IT guy to go ahead and wipe the computer and rebuild it.  Oops.  So, I just spent the last few hours copying the data from the CBS Sports web page, doing my personal rankings and adding all three together.  Unlike the pollsters, the BCS loser does not get an automatic second in my book.  Usually, I rank the BCS loser below the other BCS bowl winners but higher than the non-BCS winners, with the other major schools who won their bowl games following after, followed by the BCS bowl losers, although I usually run out of votes before we run out of teams.  Some years, teams are close enough that my opinion matters in my ranking.  This year, not so much.

Without further ado, here is my composite ranking for this year.  Feel free to copy the table and put your numbers in instead.


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