Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Pagan Christmas!

Nica Lalli wrote a nice little piece on the WashPost/Newsweek On Faith page.

It had one factual error, which assumed that Jesus was born on Christmas. Jesus was actually born April 17, 6BCE according to researchers who are knowledgeable about the astrology of that era (essential knowledge if you wish to duplicate the work of the Magi who found Jesus based on his astrology).

Christ is only about Christmas because early Christianity hijacked the winter solstice, which at the time was dated December 25 (due to the progression of the equinoxes). I stridently reject calls to keep Christ in Christmas or to ignore the traditions which have their roots in paganism. Pagan celebrations were not about the Roman, Celtic or Norse gods. Rather, the pagan gods are explanatory tools to better explain man and how he deals with the world around him.

In the northern latitudes, people get depressed as the shadows grow longer. Pagan rituals, as well as the placement of Christmas in December (where it no longer conflicts with Eastertide - which would bring in a reincarnation theme that the opponents of gnosticism likely wanted to avoid) have the purpose of raising our spirits - often with spirits and revelry, as well as the lighting of fires and candles (note Chanukah). It fulfills a deep need within us, regardless of the deity we accept or reject. This is also why many groups of Alcoholics Anonymous have "Alcathons" this time of year.

Those of us who are Christians proclaim Jesus as the light of the world, so the placement of Christmas here is appropriate for Christians. One of the most beautiful aspects of the Christmas cycle is the lighting of candles in a dark church at midnight Mass - which also occurs at the Easter vigil. The roots of this are all pagan. However, we must mind our manners when dealing with unbelievers. Jesus did not condemn the unbelievers. He saved and saves his wrath for those who profess to follow him but practice intolerance toward others.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Christian Libertarian Party: Liberty and Unions

The Christian Libertarian Party: Liberty and Unions

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Living Forever

The Christian Left: Killing an Embryo? contains a stinging refutation of the right wings arguments on the status of blastocysts in the stem cell debate, as well as how stem cells can be used (if derived from cells harvested from you while you are still young) to live forever.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Sagittarians and welcome to those of you now being born into our wonderful fellowship of sagacious living. Party on.