Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why are we having so many earthquakes? Is Pluto pissed with his demotion?

First, we really are not, its just that more of them are on or near land rather than deep under the ocean. Of course, we are noticing them more because they are affecting more populations. So, why is that?

Pluto. It used to be a planet and it has been delisted. This has pissed off the god Pluto and he is fighting back.

Ridiculous, right?

Absolutely, since there is no god named Pluto. Nor is the god Vulcan (or Saturn) ticked because there hasn't been a new Star Trek movie this year.

Why do I bring this up? Because there are people who believe that astrology is invalid because of its use of pagan symbolism. For this charge to make sense, however, there would have to be some feature of paganism that is true, rather than the more likely explanation that the archtypes developed for paganism were first described by astrologers. In other words, astrology does not come from paganism, paganism comes from astrology.

To believe otherwise, you must also believe that the gods Pluto and Saturn are pissed at us. Not really true.