Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lesbianism in Underland

Did anyone else catch the lesbian undertones in Tim Burton's new film, Alice in Wonderland? They are easy to miss and likely deliberately underacted, however one does get the impression that Alice and the White Queen were headed for a Pottery Barn moment until the Hatter & Co. returned on the Eve of Fraptious Day. Mia's performance had a bit of a languid quality, which at first look seems a bit flat. It could have been toned up a bit, with Alice more enraptured by the White Queen's charismatic pressence or with a bit more romantic connection. Of course, it is a Disney film, so it could not be as over the top as it should have been. Of course, being more out there in that scene would have given the film the PG-13 rating that would have probably helped it at the box office.