Monday, February 06, 2017


That was about the best Big Game ever. No comeback like that has ever been seen before. Wow! We have never had OT before in the Big Game. The New England victory is its fifth, along with nine AFC and AFL championships. That is the second most Big Game, Conference and League trophies - one behind Green Bay with 15. Pittsburgh has 14 as well, but with one more loss. Dallas goes down to third with New England’s conference win. Atlanta was number 30, but moved to a three way tie for 27th with 2 wins and 4 losses.  A number of the all-time greats are at the top of their games, so expect movement at the top frequently over the next few years.

In terms of total appearances, New England is now fourth, with 23, in a tie with Green Bay. Pittsbugh, Dallas and New York have all played in 24 championship games since 1935 and with two title games a year, anyone can break out with 25 or 26 next year.

Here are the current ranking. The Alt-Rank is for total appearances._Click_to_enlarge.


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